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Evolution Tungsten Fishing Weights

We appreciate your comments!

Had this one come in from Matt after placing an order here on the site. This is what we are all about, putting out a quality product that helps you stick more fish! We fish our own products exclusively too, so if it doesnt cut it with me, it doesnt go on the shelf, period. I'll keep tying em up if you guys keep piercing lips with em!

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product. I had purchased a few weighted punch skirts and flipping weights on ebay before this years tournament season. Unfortunatly i didnt start using them until about halfway through the year. I had my best FLW tour finishes of the year on them using them to catch fish at both Grand Lake and Chickamauga. I have also used them to do quite well in local tournaments back in the upper midwest. Unfortunatly, we have lots of toothy critters and i lost the few i had. Therefore, i need to put in this order to get me through the year. Keep up the good work! Matt